Tips and Techniques: Kung Fu Training for Beginners

The Chinese martial arts are magic and mysterious both for Chinese people and foreigners. When you have an interest in China wushu, or if you want to learn it, there may be lots of questions you want to know:

  • How to learn China kung fu?
  • What is Chinese wushu?
  • How to training?
  • What to do for the kung fu beginners?

I know all the problems you are facing. First, when you search online you will get numberless results about kung fu schools, styles, forms, classes, courses, training methods, tips, exercises, and performance videos. And then you Have No Idea!

On this page, I will give an ultra guide to make you get an overview of how kung fu beginners can do. Follow it and then you will on your right way of kung fu learning.

Kung fu beginners and Wushu training for beginners

In China, the martial arts, wushu, kung fu, wu gong mean the same thing: China kung fu. There are various kung fu styles and sects in China, but all of them have the same root from Shaolin Kung Fu, and all of them relate to the China Culture. The Chinese kung fu is training for health, defense, follow the natural way, and pay attention to the mind and spirit. The techniques, skills, and forms are just practice methods by which to reach the true meaning.

Kung fu beginners and Wushu training for beginners

How beginners choose kung fu form and lesson?

When you begin to learn kung fu, do not mind too much about which kung fu style you want to choose. You should do the basic training to get your body in good condition, then you can learn the chinses kung fu culture, the history, and feature of each kung fu forms, then choose the one you like best to get further training.

Kung fu lessons for beginners level 1

Studying modern Wushu can improve one’s physical capabilities such as speed, agility, and flexibility, and it is a great way to build up one’s internal spirits. It is also beneficial for self-expression, body-exploration, improving energy, and discipline.

Kung fu forms for beginners

The kung fu form such as Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Mantis, Ba Gua, Wing Yi, etc, is similar to Shaolin Kung Fu. The beginners Shaolin kung fu forms include all kinds of fist kung fu, weapon forms. Chigong, Yi jin jing and Ba duan Jin are also included in the basic form training.

If you are an already established kung fu expert, you can get more advanced martial art training and master the more complex moves in martial arts, skills in combating Sanda, and Qin Na for sparring, internal ones with higher mortality.

The basic training forms for beginners target in training the body physical stamina, let the beginners know the moving principle and can perform in exactly the right way. So when you are in beginning training lessons, just remember: practice makes perfect.

Kung fu lessons for beginners level and basic kung fu forms for beginners

How to do kung fu for beginners´╝č

However you are beginners and advanced students, you may want to seek real Wushu training in China. Usually the class is available in standard or intensive forms depending on each participant’s desired amount of training.

Shaolin kung fu training for beginners

For flexibility and endurance, you should be stretching your legs in a different way, this is important for softness. Groups of jumpings will be needed o training you strength and force: Frog jumps, Cossack jumps, duck walks, step-ups, squats, squat jumps, sprints, toe jumps, one-legged jumps. The monks open the hips at the same time as stretching the leg, and they are a great warm-up for fighting kicks and bag work. Usually, there is also enough running every day to enhance your stamina.

Stances are commonly found in each style of Shaolin kung fu. The horse stance is a common stance used to develop thigh strength, endurance, and patience. Known as Zhan Zhuang, or stance training, this position provides a foundation for training in learning intermediate and advanced kung fu moves.

Stand with your feet farther than hip-distance apart. Bend your elbows close to your sides, with hands fisted and facing upward in front of you. Sink down into a squatting position until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor; hold the position for as long as you can, for 2 to 5 minutes.

basic shaolin kung fu training techniques for beginners

Shaolin kung fu techniques beginners

The beginner’s training focuses on basic movements such as kicks, punches, stance, and stretching methods, as well as learning some basic forms and styles. The aim of this course is to master simple movements, techniques, and forms.

As advanced training concentrates on improving and correcting a student’s basic movements. It introduces key techniques such as kicks, stances, turning, spinning, and jumping movements. The course also provides opportunities for students to re-compose free-style forms and learn new compulsory forms under the instruction of our teachers.

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Tips for Shaolin kung fu beginners

Beginners can be introduced to learn Shaolin include the basics of Shaolin, traditional Chi Kung, two short Shaolin Quan forms, one weapon routine, carrying out combat, and an additional Tai Chi Chuan lessons to start with. Then, after some time training, you can perform intermediate or advanced kung fu, and students can optional to learn BaJi, Xingyi, Bagua, or Preying Mantis to learn basics, a routine, one weapon form, and Qi Kung.

Usually, the students can change their classes after try some days to decide if the training is what they want to master in the coming days and then take extensive training on the styles chosen.

Tips Shaolin kung fu beginners
Beginning training in most Shaolin kung fu schools includes many different fists and weapon forms with their applications and contact spurring with the Chi kung. Each of the styles that have been mentioned above has their own classes, ps: students can be able to choose and learn more than one style. The study includes all male and a female student who is actually 16 years and older.

Shaolin Kung training for kids: younger students of less than 16 years old are accepted if they are accompanied by their parent or older relatives particularly a brother or a sister. Of course, there is good quality teaching, every master is supposed to manage seven students in the winter and less than fifteen students in the summer.  This will ensure high-quality kung fu training on each personal level and assure a close family atmosphere in the group. Want to get more info, you can contact with Shaolin Feng at: info@

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Finally, let me introduce you to magic training Kung Fu, named< 8 Sections King Kong Kung>, good for health, easy and simple, no more breath skill asked, nor mind principle to obey. Just follow the actions as the video shows. Only one thing to remember: Do it in the Morning Time, help raise your Yang Qi (energy), each section begins with the left side, and finish on the right side, do 5~9 times is enough.