Cost of learn kung fu in China

When you want learn kung fu in China, there is one thing you must want to know: Cost. And now I will give you an overview of some shcools training cost for you conference:

No.1 What the main cost include?

  • Fee for class
  • Training euipments and clothes
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • ……

For most shcool give supply: other translater, life service for special needs.

Of course, there is a lot of variations in costs depending on where you go, what class you choose, how long you train, when you train, and the food and accommodation you like.

Wushu training school Not-related with shaolin temple

Learn wushu in China

The facility you are training at will play the greatest role in the costs associated with your training tip to China. The amounts can really vary here, from almost $100 / day at the uber-deluxe Sports School with their International Plaza Hotel, to around $20 / day for an extended stay at some small local training school out in the boonies. Here are the most common ranges for the most typical types of training facilities. (Your milage may vary.)

* Max: $4000 per month
* Min: $600 per month

Part time Kung Fu Training Center ($20 – $35 / day)

These schools are primarily for young children or youths who are learn kung fu either part time, It is more likely a technically a studio, in that kids live out and go to traning center and take classes, but part of their curriculum is made up of wushu forms or sanda training classes. The downside is that the quality of instruction might not be as high, although most of the professional athletes you know probably started at a school like this early in their career.

* About $900 per month

Sports Universities and Colleges ($25 – $55 / day)

If you are going to train at a sports college there are a few things you need to understand. First, for the majority of them the administration and admission process is much more organized (and possibly more bureaucratic) than other types of schools.

At the schools you will get a mix of both professional and amateur wushu athletes training. You also get a mix of different types of coaches, from former professional wushu players to people studying to become professional coaches.

Since these are actual higher level academic institutions, they can usually accommodate someone for either a short-term stay, exchange studies, a semester or two of classes, or even a full degree program.  Of course a full academic program includes more than just wushu training as you’ll have to take supplementary classes to qualify for your degree.

* Max: $1600 per month
* Min: 750 per month

Private Wushu Schools ($40 – $70 / day)

These are schools owned and operated by a person or group of people with some sort of history or connection with kung fu. These are slightly different than the Wushu Training Schools above in that they do not offer any curriculum other than kung fu forms or sanda training. Their sole focus is on training wushu, although they might be able to arrange some Chinese language teacher for you (probably for an added fee). Most of these schools aren’t able to coordinate a visa or put you up in any dorms. These are similar to the private schools you’ll see in the West, and as such you might have to arrange your own accommodations and food.

* Max: $2100 per month
* Min: $1200 per month

Kung fu schools located Dengfeng, Real Shaolin Temple.

Kung fu schools located Dengfeng Real Shaolin Temple

At the Shaolin Temple (or similar locations) you actually have three different types of schools.

Legitimate shaolin temple kung fu school

The top tier are the schools that are actually associated with the Shaolin Temple (or whatever the particular attraction may be). They are run by the same people who are in charge of the temple and as such the “warrior monks” who train at these schools are actually the official “warrior monks”, who are working for the temple itself.  — maybe as a practicing monk or religious student.  The prices at these types of schools might be a little higher.

* About $1500 per month, not every people can join in.

Academic shaolin kung fu school

The second tier are schools similar to the academic schools. These places will have literally thousands (sometimes tens of thousands) of kids in their facilities training and going to school. A lot of parents in rural parts of China will send their kids to these places in the hopes that they will be given opportunities for a better life with a specialized skill. You can train at these places too. Prices are similar, although you might be a few more dollars a day since they are close to the tourist attraction area.

If you train for less than one month, the price is $70 per day and the fees includes all training classes, the use of training equipment, full room and board with 3 meals a day, optional classes (e.g. Mandarin etc.) and On-site English-translator.

* $2100 per month


Finally are tourist schools. Honestly, I don’t really recommend these types of places. One, because they tend to have a low quality of instruction and some of them are pretty deceptive about their “official” status with the temple. They will say they are officially sanctioned to teach Shaolin Kung Fu, but what they mean is that some random Warrior Monk attended their opening ceremony and signed a scroll and took some pictures, so that is their proof that the Shaolin Temple recognizes their “authority”.

They are essentially set up to suck the money out of tourists so avoid these places if you can. And I’ve heard of them really milking people too. Would you pay $10,000 + / month to train at a school in China? No,please!

It’s better to choose government sanctifird schools you can be sure that they are at least a little more honest since they answer to a higher authority, but with private schools you really can’t be too careful.Just be very careful when making any arrangements with a school — especially one you have never trained at before or found through their “Chinglish” website making lots of grandiose promises.

Other Factors I want say

You may have been told these things beblow:

Guanxi (relationships): Without a doubt, the greatest way your price can fluctuate is based on guanxi. Who you know, and the person who helps to arrange your training, will directly affect the cost of your training. Or you should give the person a “tip”(or chinese called: Hongbao).

Substantially: If you know the owner of a school and ask him to train there, you might get the special guanxi discount. Suddenly you are paying $25 / day. If you go to their front office and ask to train there without knowing anyone? Guess what? You are now paying the “We don’t know you but you’re a foreigner so you probably have money” rate which is closer to $50 – $70 / day.

And you may be adviced from some articles:

  •  If you have a friend who is an athlete, then have them help you arrange your training.
    Better yet, if you know a coach, ask them to set you up.
  • But probably the best is if you know the team leader or the school administrator, because they can get you the best deals.

What I want say are: it’s ture happened in some school or agent person, but I Never do it in my career, Nor seen my workmate coaches take money from the new students. Our school have cars to pick up new students from Zhengzhou Station or Xinzheng Airport, all Free (even some people just come to check the school and never back again, we never take charge from them, nor ask for tip).  I can be help in choosing the school and classes fit you, just because I am a chinese and a kung fu trainner, I get enough infomation about my kung fu career. If you trust me, and you can contact me when want learn kung fu in China.

If you like, you can choose the school I worked in.

Songshan Shaolin Temple Quanfa Kungfu School

Kung fu training cost for foreign students, training kung fu price in China

Kung fu training cost for foreign students:

* $35 – $45 per day
* $690 – 760$ per month
* $6400 – $6900 per year

Learning Content including: 

Chinese language, basic martial arts, Shaolin Kung Fu, Shaolin traditional weapons, martial arts performances set, Traditional health preserving – Ba duanjin, Tai Chi, Combat Sanda.

Standard of meals:

  • Breakfast- eggs, milk, porridge, cooking bread
  • Lunch – 6 dishes and one soup, which includes 3 vegetarian dishes and 3 meat dishes, also bread and rice
  • Dinner – 4 dishes and one soup, rice and noodles

Standard of accommodation:

double rooms (air-conditioning, TV, drinking water, separate toilet, shower)

Other services including:

Assistant coach for daily life, People accompanying when you go out.


If you don’t have much time or money to come to China, there are somethings else to you can enjoy the kungfu at once:

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks – PlayStation 2




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  1. 罗汉娜 (Hannah)

    Hello! I actually am an American looking for a place to study kung fu for a short period of time, but all I am finding are very expensive tourist programs. I don’t mind being in the “boonies” at all actually, because I’ve lived in China for 4 years and have experienced a wide range of places already. 而且我会中文,所以感觉不会有语言问题。I’ll be going to Henan this summer, and from what I’ve read, most of the programs that foreigners can be a part of in Shaolin are maybe not so good. Would you have any recommendations? Thank you!

  2. How many years they are trained to one person

    1. It takes different time for different people. Anyway, learn kung fu is a life time work, if you real like it, you can not live without it.

  3. I learned a little Tai Chi Chuan. four years. I’m looking for a good school to learn in a month in November. If it can be something more like acupuncture would love. But the main goal is Tai Chi. I would be happy if you could help me in choosing a school. Thanks Shuki

    1. If your want get further in Tai Chi Chuan, i advice you choose a right and real Tai Chi master, learn from him as traditional Shi-Tu training mathod.

  4. I my shelf R.Combert Shaolin kung fu is my aim in life but I can’t able to learn till now but till now I am search for learning but when I see fee for learning I can’t believe my shelf because of I am a poor family but I want to learn Shaolin kung fu. I love Shaolin kung fu….. thanks….

    1. There is the will, there will. Find any chance as possible. Learn from video first, be prepared, and you will get it someday.

  5. I want to learn Kung fu.
    I am from India can I join your temple.

    1. We are kung fu school and have shaolin monks training the new beginners, you are welcome to learn kong fu here!
      You can email me:, or follow my facebook:

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m planning to come to china for vacation;
    meantime, i want my son – 6 years – to learn kung fu basics;
    i.e. how to defend himself.
    I want to know how much it will cost for 2 or 3 weeks if you have centers in Guangzhou?

    1. Sorry, we are in Dengfeng, Henan, not have branch in Guangzhou yet. But if you and your son like kongfu, the shaolin temple is a great place you should not miss. Welcome to have a travel!

  7. Thank u for the information

    1. My pleasure! And it’s my favour thing.

  8. very nice suggestions. i hv 5 years old my son, i want , he has to learn this kung fu art in china. is it possible to learn there. but i have some questions that about his education and language. will you suggest me?

    1. Hi, we realy have little kids around 5 years old learn kung fu in our school. But I don’t recommend so little kid go aboard alone to learn kungfu. Especial go the foreign language contry.
      Plz give some basic kung fu traning near you home, and when he grow up, you can choose right classes and school for further learning.
      By to say, you and your son both have high-taste!

      Your ShaolingFeng.

      1. i want to learn martial arts kung fu traditional weapon techniques and every thing that shaolin temple give training about i want to know that how much time it takes to train a person and how much fees it costs plz give advice n i m 19 years old

      2. how on what age i should take my son to shalion temple to learn kun fu and what it will cost

  9. Search video on youtube, or pictures from book. Learn by yourself from simple body training and breath-control, all yoga, dance, kong fu have same rules to contral and contact with your own body.

  10. What is the differences between the Ninja Art and shaolin kung fu Art?

  11. Hello Sir / Madam
    I am 22 years old boy and I am from India I want lo learn martial arts kung fu can you tell me how much money it will cost to get full training.

  12. What is the total fees of this academy of all the events for an year, in indian conversions.

  13. sir plz tell me how to join and what is the cost for full traning

  14. I’m 20 years old I want learn kungfu in china its my dream I want to become a good master how much it costs not for residential dayscholar

  15. Hi,My husband is a wushu player and also a coacher in Sri Lanka. He wants to improve his abilities of Kung Fu. Give me more details please.

  16. I am from India I have to learn kung fu in shaolin temple. What is the fee for the 1 month. In how long I will learn it

  17. Hi sir or Madam I want to join I need to know about fee of the course fir one years and fee for food .room please give just a idea

  18. Hi sir my son is 10 year old I am from Pakistan I want to be learn my son kungfu how it is possible nd what is process what is fees in Pakistan rupees in one year plz tell me

  19. Dear sir,
    I want learn best Kung fu because I want to become a best Kung fu master Fastly, now i am earning money for Kung fu.
    Please tell me what is the cost of Kung fu training and duration.
    And which age is good for learning Kung fu.
    Please reply.

  20. how many years old children​ can join it

  21. Which students can join legitimate shaolin temple kung-fu school?

  22. What will be the age to lorn kung fu and fees structure in Indian currency

  23. Hii m 17 years old can i join the shoulin temple for three months in vacations as tourists say to me about their fees plz and info about coming to shoulin temple

  24. Since i am a female, would i get every training or restricted? I would embrace full experience if possible!

  25. Im 36 age can i join kungfu

  26. I am a 3rd degree black belt in oyama karate which is japanese . AS a kid growing up I was always fascinated with shaolin . I would like to visit the real shaolin temple and take a week of physical training and some shaolin technekes . I am also a sensei and former full contact fighter . How can I go about and is it possible to stay at shaolin temple for a week . What are the requirements , this is something I dream about doing would be an honor .

  27. What is fee at shaolin per year

    1. I want to learned martial arts style like Kung Fu . What is procedure on line class Kung Fu from Pakistan.

  28. Sir,I want to learn shaolin Kung Fu I Will definitely come their but fees are mentioned in dollars I want to know in rupees because I am an Indian

  29. Sir I want to join shaolin temple as a member for whole life for this what I can do?

  30. Hiee i want to learn shaolin kung fu in china in traditional way in the forests and from the traditional monks
    Like i want real peace and want to know my inner self by living their life so please suggest me some good monastry or temple lile i know one in old dali near yunyan
    It’ll be so kind of u if u help me follow my dream ..
    Thank u

  31. How many years they are trained to one person

  32. Ni Hao,
    In China for a 3 week vacation. Willing to spend 1 week at Shaolin for my 11 year old son who loves martial arts. There is no way he is learning anything in one week, but I wanted to show him the discipline, grit, hardwork that is involved to become good at anything.
    Is it possible to arrange something like this for him. Of course we will be staying as well. If yes, is it worth it?
    Thank you in advance

  33. Hello,
    I want know all type of kungfu.
    Please give me a list of kungfu mode.

  34. I am from India and I want to learn kung-fu. Because I liked so much. Which training program is best for me in China

    1. Thanks for coming to our site! If you want to learn Shaolin Kungfu in China, no need to worried about too much about which kind of training you will begin, usually there will be a professional training system for different beginners, the coach will give you a test first and then advise you the right lesson.
      For people without any experience, they will depend on your age to give a you a basic lesson. For further information, you can contact our receiving coach to get more details.
      Thanks again, and waiting for your coming to China!

  35. Hii am Pranjal from INDIA and I want to learn traditional Shaolin Kungfu, Martial Arts, etc……. and my plan is about 5-6 years. So, can you tell me the whole Fee process?

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