Shaolin kung fu self defense techniques

These days it’s important to know how to protect yourself. Many people want to learn about self defense and how to protect themselves if the need arises. Keep reading to learn more about self defense and how China martial arts can help you.

How China Self Defense Kung Fu Can Help You

If you want to learn about self defense, check with your local martial arts center. They may offer self defense classes that can teach you what you need to know in the event something happens. You will be surprised at how easy these classes are and how much you will learn.

Many people learn everything they want from classes like this. And while you may be charged a fee for the class, it is worth it. Your life is more valuable than the fee it costs. Sometimes you can even find free classes that can help you learn more about self defense and how you should react. It’s important to be prepared if you have to be.

There are many reviews online that say how much they have learned from these classes. And how they feel more prepared to handle a situation where they need to defend themselves. Many people enjoy learning about this and it will help raise your confidence levels.

Self defense is very important for women, although men sign up for these classes too. It doesn’t matter what your gender is, if you think you need to take a class like this, take it. There are great China martial arts classes offer these just for women or just for me. Look into this before getting started so you can make sure you are more comfortable.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a self defense class in China, don’t wait any longer. Sign up for a class now and you will learn everything about defending yourself.

Sanda techniques traning Qin na skills

Kung Fu Self Defense Techniques

We watch all these movies that show people kicking butt and taking names, but the truth of the matter is the martial arts are all about self defense. Are you familiar with what ‘Kung Fu’ means? It means ‘work hard,’ which should tell you that learning this martial arts style requires discipline. When you learn Kung Fu self defense techniques, you’re working hard to learn how to defend yourself and others.

There is much more to Kung Fu than that because it has been around for centuries. Did you know there are two forms of Kung Fu? They are equally popular, one being Wung Du and the other Shaolin.  Kung Fu self defense techniques can be grouped into two different styles of techniques specifically, and as for the styles of Kung Fu themselves, they can also be classified geographically. Are you looking to learn self defense techniques?

Shaolin Kung Fu is more popular in the eastern world than it is in the states. Kung Fu is also more appealing to adults, while westernized karate is more appealing to children. People in the states would like to learn Kung Fu, more and more have knewn the famous “qinna”, it’s has lots of combating techniques for self defense. The shaolin Qin na have “Ba” forms about using your palms, fingers, wrist and legs to control your opponent, and also take some skill to get rid of control or attack. Qin na use anti-points techniques to self defense, and these techniqes are “smart skills”, fit for girls and kids to use. Most people say: shaolin qian na is best for self defense, all ages are welcomed! If you want learn shaolin self defense in China, free to contact me for best course in cheap price!

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  1. shaolin kungfu is best and best in the world martial arts

  2. i want to ldarn kung fu for my self defence

    1. Shaolin kungfu have some skills about it.

  3. I like shaolin kung fu

  4. i wand to learn martial arts

  5. Hello,

    I’ve been doing research on schools in China. I would like to go for a year.

    But I want to come out of the year knowing how to self defend myself.

    I’ve talked to people that attended these schools and they say that they all teach forms and not enough on the actual fighting self defense.

    Can you please let me know of authentic self defense schools please..

    1. Sorry to replay you so later!
      As i know, most of the kongfu school have lessions about self defense, you just choose one you like and BUY the short term training at time fit you well. Of course, you can go our school for it!

      May you a nice day!

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  6. I ts so good
    I like
    I am indian…

    By hoby is lern kungfu…

    Sometime in i buddhism in convert my religion

    1. Thanks for your loving!

  7. I’d like to learn (Kung-fu) but I only need some steps to follow if you can help me send me some steps to follow.

  8. I feel like I’m behind, help me know much about shaolin kungfu

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