Everyone has dreams, and so do I! That’s why I am here and make this site, there is something deep in my heart that I am longing for, training for, practicing for, and I want to share with you. Maybe you are the same person who likes kung fu so much and want to learn and handle it! Kung fu is the magic dream to make us together and go further.

my kung fu dream

Once upon a time, when I was six years old, I have heard from my father and uncles that we have lots of heroes in China’s history. The hero people get very powerful kung fu and can beat the bad men and help the weak people. When I grew bigger, I have seen Jet Li, Jackie Chan on movies, I admired these kung fu heroes so much and hoped I can learn the real kung fu one day.

Learn the real kung fu, is my best dream. After a long time search and compare, when I am old enough and I go to Songshan Shaolin Temple to learn the real kung fu, to make my dream come to truth. I wanted to learn the same body control, the cool kicks, somersaults, and other acrobatics, but also learn the self-protect techniques.

Thanks to my Masters’s training and guiding, after years of training and practicing, I have been a kung fu coach now. I got more understanding about Shaolin Kung fu and can handle some kung fu types and styles. The more I learn, the greater the kung fu is. The Shaolin Kung fu is so magic and profound, I will never satisfy what I have learned, just like Jobs say “still hungry still foolish”. But this doesn’t influence me to share my tips and knowledge with you, with people who also love kung fu and want to learn kung fu.

The love of kung fu is a lifetime. I have learned it and keep learning now, I have walked the way you are walking soon. My own tips and the experience from some of my trainers will be helpful on:

  • How to learn kung fu in China?
  • How to find the kung fu classes/courses I like?
  • How to choose the right training school/academy that fits me best?
  • Tips about kung fu training for a beginner.
  • How to live in China for foreign students?

Shaolin kung fu monks with learners

Anything you need about kung fu, I am here to serve you. Not ask me why, just because we all kung fu lover, that’s enough.

Mobile: +86 155 1592 9991, Email: info@learnshaolinkungfuinchina.com.

Learn your Shaolin kung fu, Shaolin Feng can help!